Pool Maintenance

Pool Fencing

Dave's Perfect Pool Services can organize repairs and installation of pool fences and gates. Also supply and installation of glass pool fencing.

Pool Fence Safety Inspections.

Pools must be compliant with the latest QLD Pool Safety Council laws. We can organize a Form 23 compliancy certificate for property sales and leased properties. Including Hotel, Motel, Backpackers and Body Corporate units etc.

Stain Removal

Over the years pools may become stained due to various reasons. Minerals, debris and organic matter. We can treat your pool for this.

Drain and Acid Wash

In some instances where pool is very badly stained or has been neglected for a long period and may have black algae. Such as a deceased estate for example. We might recommend draining the pool and scrubbing the walls with an acid solution. The pool will look new again.

Calcium Scale Removal

Calcium crystals look unsightly. They are drawn out of the concrete and build up in patches. If your pool has become calcined we can drain it, grind patches off, then acid wash. The pool will look like new again.

Repair and Re-Coating Fiberglass Pools

We can remove osmosis spots, grind and re-surface your fiberglass pool. Making it look brand new again!

Leak Detection

A leaking pool can be very costly and annoying. We can find leaks and repair them.

Pool Light Repairs

We can repair or replace your pool lights. New long life L.E.D. lights can be retro fitted as well. These look great at night and you can change modes and colors.

Acid Bath Filter Cartridge

If you have a cartridge filter, you probably already know that the cartridge needs to be soaked in acid once a year or so. They become clogged with minerals and organic material. An alkaline and acid bath will make it filter like a brand new one.

Filter Sand Change

The sand in the filter needs replacing occasionally. Due to calcification and channels that form making it clean less efficiently. If your pool has poor circulation, looks cloudy or pumps out dust and debris. It might need changing. We can do this and your filter will work like new again.