Pool Cleaning

Why your pool needs regular pool cleaning and maintenance.

Leaves and debris decompose in your pool and need to removed regularly.

They throw the chemical balance out and stain the pool.

Chemical balance is essential for optimum sanitization to ensure a healthy swimming environment.

Sheduled Pool Cleaning and Servicing

Regular monthly or fortnightly services are offered.

Monthly services are the most popular, though some clients with leafy or troublesome pools, opt for a mid monthly check up. To clear baskets and remove debris. This service is known as a TBE and is cheaper than a full service.

Holiday Servicing

We can look after your pool while you are away. Have peace of mind while you're on holiday and know that your pool is in good hands without having to rely on family or neighbours to keep it from turning green.

One of Call out services.

We can come out to advise and get your pool blue again. After cyclones, storms or even that big party that got out of hand.

What is included in a regular pool cleaning full service?

  • We leave your pool as perfect as it can be.
  • Pool is cleaned either with a vacuum or pool cleaning robot.
  • Leaves and debris scooped.
  • Water is tested analyzed and necessary chemicals added.
  • Pool filter is backwashed or cartridge hosed.
  • Skimmer basket emptied.
  • Pump basket cleaned.
  • Chlorinator cell cleaned as needed.
  • Pool timer reset if needed.
  • All pool equipment is monitored and lubricated when necessary.
  • Advice and feedback on issues and requirements.