Pool Equipment

At Dave's Perfect Pool Services. We can supply and install all types of pool equipment for large or small pools. Commercial or domestic pools. Here are some of the equipment we regularly supply and install :


Sand filters and cartridge filters. Zeolite and glass beads. All makes and models. Fiberglass tanks or thermoplastic tanks.


Salt water and magnesium chlorinators in all sizes. RP (reverse polarity) or non RP.
RP means the chlorinator cell is self cleaning. This is most efficient as the maximum amount of chlorine is produced at all times.


We can supply and install all makes and models of pumps and all sizes large or small.
Our favorite pumps are the low powered DC variable speed pumps. These will save you 70 - 80% of power cost.

Pool Heaters

We supply and install all types of pool heaters for small or large pools. Gas, electric or solar systems. Heat pumps are our personal favorites as they are reliable and very economical to run. They extract heat from the air (similar to a reverse cycle air conditioner).

Pool Lights

We can supply and fit all types and brands of lights. We can retro fit older halogen lights with the latest LED lights. LED (light emitting diodes) are low energy and long lasting with a life of approximately 30,000 hours. The lights can change colors and come with a remote control.

Pool Cleaners

We can supply and fit all makes and models of pool cleaners. Suction powered, pressure cleaners and pool robotic cleaners. As some types of cleaners are better suited to different pool surfaces and environments, ask our advice for the best cleaner for your pool.

Pool Equipment Repairs

We can repair most pool equipment. Removal and re-installation is no problem and all repair work comes with a warranty.